Public Service and Commitment

The decisions that your City Council will make in the next 4 years will shape our community for the next 10-15 years. It’s important to have council members that are experienced in civic affairs, have a depth of commitment to this community, and have years of experience dealing with difficult decisions. I moved to Clovis 32 years ago to start my family’s life here. Just being a former police officer does not make me well qualified to serve you on the City Council. However, my service to our nation and it’s citizens, and a 27 year commitment to the people of Clovis does. As a US Army veteran with over 40 years of public service, I know what it means to serve the People. On the eve of my 60th birthday, I still want to continue to serve. As a Police Captain and a Police Chief, I have had to deal with serious issues and make difficult decisions to keep the citizens safe. I have been endorsed by Sheriffs, numerous Police and Fire Chiefs, civic leaders and many others because they know that I possess the proven leadership and the commitment to our community that is necessary for a candidate for your City Council. I would be honored to have your vote March 7th.


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